Red Phone?

TRed-Phone1he “Red Phone” name, as well as the image which graces this site and my business card, comes from work on a Wall Street financial-services company in which the key proposition was responsive service. Somehow this icon of the cold war, while compelling, didn’t seem quite right for a conservative client. Which just goes to show that ideas, while easy to kill, do occasionally experience resurrection. While the intended message of quick response doesn’t always come through, the image does have raw sticking power (“the red-phone guy”). The prop in the photo is a working “hot-line” phone purchased on eBay. To complete the effect, a hole was cut through the center through which was inserted a strobe light covered with a red balloon, yeilding the proper tint. The photographer rigged wires extending out the back through the seamless backdrop, enabling him to fire the strobe and camera simultaneously. While my actual phone is not red, your response certainly will be.

Jonathan Kaler
615 W. Nickerson Street, #2
Seattle, WA 98119


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